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I Love Monkeys

And Other Encounters With Animals

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My favourite thing in Ao Nang were definitely the monkeys, so I thought I'd write a few words about them. In the far end of Ao Nang beach you can find loads of gibbon monkeys (I'm not sure but that's what I was told they were) living in the jungle, and they come out to the rocks as they know they will be fed by tourists. I was of course overwhelmed by emotion when I saw these cute little creatures, and when they came to take peanuts and bananas with their soft little hands I was almost crying! They are part of the wildlife, but they are so used to people that they even jump on your shoulder or sit on your lap eating. They were so cute when they went to bathe in the water, playing around like little kids. When they came out of the water they looked like little rats with their fur soaking wet! I loved them so much and could have stand hours watching them.



This was the first time I got attacked by a monkey. It scared me a bit to say the least!





Then there was the fluffy cat.


I found her on my first day in Ao Nang (or actually my mum had already found her) and I couldn't stop visiting her. This cat had the most stunning looks and the most arrogant personality, and she didn't bother to hide the fact that she really rather I didn't come by so often. Still, I couldn't help my weakness for bad-tempered fluffy cats! And as if her beauty wasn't almost too much to take, she had a little fluffy friend too. A very, very arrogant one.


Perhaps the cutest one of all the animals I've met so far was the little puppy in Tiger Cave Temple. So tiny and soft and so alone on the big parking lot that it made me burst into tears right there in the middle of the people. Our taxi driver was looking at me like he thought I was going insane. In the end I saw a Thai woman coming to feed the puppy, and the other puppies too, so apparently they were being taken care of, but it still makes me sad thinking about that little thing amongst the cars and tuk-tuks. I know I shouldn't get emotional about each and every animal I see, but it's difficult to be surrounded by so many poorly looking cats and dogs when you come from a country full of spoiled pets. And just to think about all the lazy, fat cats I know and love, and then to see these skinny cats around here, it's so sad it makes me wanna take them home and give them a good meal.


When I went to an island called Chicken - named after its shape - with my parents, we met the resident goose. She (or he, but I think it looked rather feminine) was strutting around like a queen, stopping for little snacks people kept giving her. She was obviously very used to being surrounded by people, as she came and stood on my mum's beach towel. Again, I had to stop myself worrying about the lonely little goose living alone on an island, with no goose friends to play with.


Well onto other things. After I left my parents to Ao Nang, I spent two days in Bangkok, and now I'm in Chiang Mai, writing this taking advantage of the super cheap and fast internet connection. My stop in Bangkok was merely for getting some rest between two long distance buses. I visited the Grand Palace but apart from that I didn't do much. Read books, watched movies and ate cheap food (you've gotta love the 30 baht meals after two weeks in expensive Ao Nang!). As for Chiang Mai, I really like it here in the north but more about that later!

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